Smart Home and the Internet of Things

As the development in Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more sophisticated, household items are being redesigned to be connected to the internet through the router. Lights and security measure are one of many features which will be fully accessible to the internet and controlled by the house occupants.

Phillips Hue 

The company Phillip Hues have developed LED light bulbs which can change color when activated by the user’s mobile device through a WIFI bridge. These LED lights can be fitted into all buildings such as offices and homes and adjust their emitted color at any time. Hue taps are among the favorite IoT devices and the best way to create an environment which best matches a situation or a mood.

Philips Hue lightstrips and bloom update

£80 per packet plus an extra £50 web-enabled light switch Hue Tap

MyFox Security 

This IoT security system comprises of four main components:

  1. MyFox House Alarm £249

The house alarm can alert the residents and homeowners to a break-in before it happens and immediately informs the users through a wireless keyfob which attaches to a key chain. When the user is at home it automatically disarms the system to prevent false alarms. The family’s activities when they are entering and leaving the building and is operated by a smartphone application.

2. MyFox Key Fob £25

This is connected to the smart alarm which stops activation when the building is occupied by the assigned user. The device is in constant connection to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth and provides regular updates of household activity. A panic button can be activated which triggers a siren informing both the residents and local authorities that a possible intruder is present in the house.

3. MyFox Security Camera £169

Controlled by a remote the user can control when the camera is active this ensures privacy is always available. A mechanical shutter covers the main camera lens that is activated using the mobile app. The camera features a sports lens capable of recording in 720p HD and detects movement with inside the house with an IR motion tracker. The camera can zoom by 4x and has a night vision mode to function during the night at a range of 19ft/5.8m.

4. IntelliTAG  £40

This is an important feature of the security system as it is responsible for the external security of the household structure. With multiple sensors positioned on the window frames and doors, an advanced algorithm system is used to analyze vibration patterns to detect the first signs of a break-in. The device is capable of identifying when there is an attempted burglary and normal day activities such as door knock and garden objects impacting the walls. If a break-in does occur the IntelliTAG sends an alert to the user’s smartphone and activates the siren.


This combination of technology is built to stop burglaries and record any unusual activity inside a house without compromising the user’s privacy. All the devices are controlled via a mobile companion app this enables the user to permit guests into the house if they are absent.


German audio firm Raumfeld develops multiple audio streaming services which include audio files, online music services and internet radio through their built in WIFI connectivity. Though primarily based in Germany the firm has launched their products in the UK these items include large sets for lounges and smaller speakers for bedrooms. All the speakers are capable of being controlled by the companion app which is activated on the user’s android or smart phone.



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