Huawei Watch to be announced at MWC

Huawei Watch 2 is set to be announced at MWC (world mobile congress) Barcelona 2017 as confirmed by CEO Richard Yu. It has been suggested that the new design will focus primarily on fitness with a new interactive touch screen, the size of the watch face shall be 11.4-inchscreen and a 42mm diameter.

As the first Huawei watch was popular with consumers yet had a short battery life the new model is set to have 1000mAH battery which is three times of the original design. The Huawei watch used android wear software it is expected that the version 2 will also run on the same software.

There may be two different models one will have LTE (Long term evolution) support which is like the LG sport watch this allows the user to switch between smart phone options and the watch.

There is no official announcement on the price as of yet however, the watches additional features such as the straps are set to be a combination of rubber and metal. These different versions enable the user to change from the sportive look whilst doing exercise and the formal appearance when at work or other daily activities.


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