Best Wearables for Travel List


Avegant Glyph

This device is a combination of AR (augmented reality) display and headphones for playing music and other audio options. Unlike other AR technology devices such as Oculus, Samsung and HTC the AR component projects images directly into the user’s eyes and not onto a screen.

The headband is adjustable to move forward this allows the VRD (virtual retinal display) to be visible by the user. The patterned optics project and focus the LED (light emitting diode) directly to the retina without a screen.

Available to purchase priced at $499



A portable wearable device which translates the user’s words into the local language, it can be used anywhere and does not require internet connection. Its intuitive user interface can communicate directly with another person.

The device works in a simple method by pressing the single button, the speaker translates the user’s sentence into the desired language. Ili built-in database contains a library of common phrases that are used by travelers to minimize translation errors. The translation is instant words are translated in 0.2 seconds, preventing communication delays.

Available for consumers in the US from June 2017.


Navigate Jacket

Developed and designed by Cutecircuit the Navigate Jacket assist the wearer in finding their destination by using integrated LED (light emitting diode) lighting and haptic feedback. The user’s android or smart phone has a companion app which stores relevant destinations and uploads the directions to the jacket with vibrations emitted on the left and right shoulders.

The built-in technology is subtle and unobtrusive and as this is designed for fashion market the design is appealing as the garment is created for the retail explorer and consumer.

Price range £50 to £200


Archelis appears as a leg brace that is strapped to the user’s legs and buttocks completely mobile whilst being worn. The chair is designed to support main pressure points on the body these include the thighs, calves and heels and provides motion so the device does not need to be removed. Its durability is attributed to the combination of resilient metal and carbon fibers whilst being light enough for easy movement

The device is originally designed for surgeons who spend hours standing during surgical operations increasing the risk of fatigue and stress leading to the likelihood of an accident. Elderly people can benefit by using Archelis as they require a lot of support during daily activities other work environments can include baristas and factory workers.

Price to be confirmed





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