This year in Barcelona Spain, Mobile World Congress will host one of the biggest events in the tech world. This gathering of the major industries in smart technology to launch their new smartphones, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) developments, chipsets and wearables. The event is scheduled to begin on the 26th of February as a big announcement for the press and the public show will open on the 27th of February.

Presenters from LG Corporation will launch the new G6 phone the design is set to be lighter and more durable than the previous G5 phone. The new design features include tempered glass rather than aluminum, slim bezel and water proof.

Samsung is expected to attend though there is no announcement of the Galaxy S8 however, recent speculation has confirmed that the company will be presenting their new tablet, the Tab S3.  This will be an upgraded version of the Samsung Tab 2 with a longer battery life, metal frame and plastic back.

BlackBerry Mercury, Sony Xperia and HTC have developed new handsets which will be available to consumers after GSMA congress. The new handsets are expected to have fingerprint sensors, USB type-c and cameras with improved lenses.

Gamelab Mobile Summit

Gamelab mobile will be an exclusive summit at GSMA that hosts the leaders of the gaming and the mobile phone sectors to discuss the latest trends and opportunities in entertainment, technology and media.

Attendants will have the opportunity to listen to presentations from the industry’s leaders on the current development of gaming in the next few years and how non-gaming companies can participate in the mobile phone ecosystem.

Content creators and IP owners are available to provide information on the new media and the transformation of the way games are developed, distributed and monetized.

Broadband comms, IoT and Wearable devices and Mobile VR/AR or Smart cities will be on topic and how these different sectors will change the connected gaming experience and formats for consumers.

Exhibition Showcases Innovators and Pioneers

Attending the Mobile world congress will be represented from some of the world’s largest tech industries in the mobile ecosystems these also include adjacent sectors such as automotive and consumer electronics.


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