4 wearables being used in the military


Soldier Integrated Power System

As soldiers are required to carrying heavy communication equipment such as military batteries, the Australian National University (ANU) has developed a wearable solar-powered battery. Communication is critical to battlefield strategy and the soldiers may spend weeks or months on operations the rechargeable batteries are vital to the maintenance of equipment such as night vision goggles. The solar panel cells are thin as a piece of paper by design with an energy weight of more than 200 watts per kilogram to supply the soldier’s equipment.


With its featured mode selector the soldier can choose the device’s configuration from standard function to mission mode. In mission mode the user cannot inadvertently switch off the unit’s special functions which include data memory erasing, switching off radio signals and being a signal locator in times of distress. A biometric finger scanner ensures that only one soldier can be identified and authorized as the user to prevent a risk of data being compromised. The accelerometer saves battery power by automatically changing the system to standby mode when the user lowers their arm.



Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge (BATMAN) demonstration program has been organized by the U.S air force as an exhibition at the Pentagon. The equipment includes a wrist-mounted cell phone or tablet computer design to be inbuilt on the user’ sleeve, gloves with red and fiber optic lights and a portable signal gun for air traffic controllers. The advanced technology program was officially established in 2003 after the declaration of war in Afghanistan and has already commissioned 20 smart technologies to the US Air force.



Tactical NAV

The army has inoculated smart phones within military operations and tactics this has produced a militarized version of an android which contains many different features.

Tactical NAV is a military global positioning system (GPS), navigation application developed for the military. This assists in operations which require search and rescue (SAR) with military grid reference system (MGRS) to enable the users to map and plot military graphics with accuracy.

MilGPS navigation application designed for soldiers and other professional navigators worldwide, the military grade provides real-time display of current locations without a cellular or satellite signal.

ISurvive is a digital manual application which provides information about the area the soldier is in such as evasion, navigation, communication all are vital for the success of medevac and supply requirements.


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