How Wearable Technology can Boost Working Performance

Small Business 

A joint operation between Spire, LinkedIn Corporation and Stanford University’s Mind & Boy lab have revealed the results the first study of the wearable tech usage in a corporation environment and how they manage stress.

The study involved workers wearing a Spire tracker for 30days to sensor the changes in their stress levels over a certain period of time.  Two-thirds of the employees testified that using the wearable device taught them to alter the level of stress being experienced. Users experienced a significant amount of focus and less stress whilst doing their work than non-users.

The indication from the Spire’s study shows there is a clear benefit for users which improves stress response for improved health, wellbeing and productivity. At the study’s conclusion, the participants data was analyzed and it was confirmed that workers using the Spire device did not experience stress symptoms and negative moods. The intervention group had more energetic days to assist in better work efforts by providing a physiological state of focus.

LinkedIn’s global wellness manager, Michael Susi, says, ‘Our employees are our greatest asset – especially their health and minds. They used Spire to make tangible improvements to things that can seem fleeting: focus, distraction, and productivity. ‘Lowering stress while increasing productivity is crucial to the success of any business, and to be able to do both of those with one device is rather powerful.’

Spire device

The Spire tracker is the first wearable device invented that specifically monitors the user’s breathing rates as the ability to breathe properly is crucial to the state of our mental and physical health. The device functions by vibrating when several minutes of intense breathing is detected, this reminds the users to take a deep breath when feeling stressed. The device can be placed on most clothing including belt, shirt color and bra strap all areas are effective at monitoring respiration.

On the fitness application is a library of guided meditations methods which can be practiced in order to create a state of calm and control both at work and home. Like a fitness tracker, it can account the number of steps taken by the user if there is a set target goal this includes the amount of calories burnt.

The features of measuring breathing rate are indicators which appear on the companion smart phone. Each one shows a different condition it is based on the real-time breathing and the alterations that occur.



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