Stretch Sensor for Underwear

The design team at StretchSense based in New Zealand is near to revealing their new type of wearable sensor in 2017. This Sensor is designed specifically for tight fitting and compressed clothing mainly underwear, socks and bras.

Wearable technology already has a strong presence in sports through the first generation of smartwatches and fitness trackers that the user wears on their wrist. The devices provide feedback like heart rate and calories burnt yet the wrist is not the best place for certain accurate data reading such as breathing, steps walked and distance run.

Gartner Survey

Gartner conducted a survey and the result found a high abandon rate of wearables among consumers. For wearables to remain in the mainstream market the technology is required to provide information which a smart phone cannot. Being obstructive creates can cause users to be less eager to wear additional features such as motion tracking for rehabilitation, sport coaching and immersive VR (virtual reality).

As a business advantage, not everyone is sportive or athletic, since everyone from the young to the old, wear underwear. When the sensors are so unobtrusively integrated within clothing it is impossible to differentiate from a regular pair the user will soon forget they are wearing smart undies at all.

Wearable tech will be collecting data about a user’s posture, training technique, muscle tension and health. There is a technological advantage: undergarments lie closest to the skin so they are excellent areas to integrate sensors so that a change in the sensors’ stretch is closely coupled with a user’s body movement.

The product is similar to a smart thermal shirt that has stretch sensors that can monitor a user’s posture to provide corrective feedback as they sit working at the office or during her yoga class.  Although there is a community of tech enthusiasts who find the ‘tech look’ appealing, the other party believes wearable tech looks best when in discretion.


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