New Samsung Pro Health and Fitness Wearable



Samsung Gear Fit Pro

A newly registered trademark for a Gear Fit Pro has been spotted by Samsung watchers; this is suggesting that the company’s wearable health and fitness trackers sector will see more products added in the near future.

Last year Samsung’s  efforts in the wearable tech market were based around the distribution of the Gear Fit 2. Having started with a numerical naming system Samsung now wants to bring a more professional and advanced project to attention.

The European Agency for Intellectual Property has a filed trademark application which includes the name Gear Fit Pro. But as yet there is no additional information such as illustrations or details on the specifications of what looks like being the new Gear Fit model.

Wearable market challenges

Fitness wearable companies have struggled over the last few years to reach their market targets, with the exceptions of the tech giants Apple and Fitbit other organizations are struggling to shift devices in significant numbers, and users not upgrading their devices all that regularly, reported.

In the next few years, the wearable tech market is set to increase productivity on a massive scale and be at an all-time high by 2022.

This trademark application would suggest Samsung isn’t giving up though, and there have also been rumors this month that its S Health app is in line for a major update. Real-time health monitoring has been one of the features tipped for the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone, TrustedReviews reported.

The eagerly anticipated S8 handset phone is expected to arrive on the public market in March 2017 and it may arrive simultaneously with the Gear Fit Pro. If Samsung wants to reveal the wearable at a major expo, it could choose Mobile World Congress at the end of February, or IFA at the start of September.




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