Enterprise Wearable Market

The enterprise wearable market is set to experience a change from smart devices stationed on the wrist to body and head worn wearables. Forecasts by ABI research predict that enterprise wearable shipments will expand from 30 million shipments of stock in 2016 to an estimation of 147 million by 2021.

With wrist-worn wearable shipments projected to reach 30 million by 2021, body worn devices will climb from 20 million to over 116 million in the same time period. Wearable fitness scanners are the most common form of wrist-worn enterprise devices which are projected to comprise 73% of devices shipped between present time and 2021.

“The body-worn segment includes smart glasses, VR headsets, hearables, wearable cameras, smart clothing, and mHealth devices,” says Stephanie Lawrence, Research Analyst at ABI Research. “Wrist-worn wearables have been great at collecting data, but their enterprise appeal remains limited relative to the broader opportunity provided by body-worn wearables”.

The body worn section of the enterprise wearable market will become more diverse as the increased awareness of head-mounted displays continues in the coming years. These particular devices allow workers to access their work system’s information by a hands-free manner.

Stephanie Lawrence further concluded “Wrist worn-devices will not go away, by any means, but body-worn devices will continue to overshadow their growth”. She continued by stating “Central to enterprise wearables move up the adoption curve is the general migration from mobile to more desk-less and dynamic work environments, where companies like Google, Microsoft, ODG, and Vuzix, are heavily invested.”

ABI research

ABI is an industry pioneer placed at the forefront of enterprise technology the organization provides a guide for businesses as thought leadership consultancy source. With their comprehensive research and consulting services, they help companies with their implement, informed, transformative technology decisions in advance. Founded in the early nineties the company’s global team of senior and long-tenured analysts provide market data forecasts, analyses and teardown services.



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