Smart Bike Helmets

With new smart technology being developed and integrated into sport activities, cyclists are now able to purchase smart helmets that have multiple features to improve their exercises these include heart rate monitoring capabilities and GPS tracking.

The helmet is capable of operating in all weather conditions whilst remaining comfortable and providing protection in case an accident occurs and contact emergency services when required.

There are five helmet designs that will soon be available to the public.

LifeBEAM Smart Helmet

This helmet uses technology which is originally designed for pilots and astronauts and only recently introduced to the public as a smart wearable. The features include the monitoring of the user’s heart rate, calories burnt and analysis on the performance which also protects the user in case of a fall.

The technology inside the helmet reads pulse signals directly from the forehead while riding, two light beams are projected onto the user’s skin and the reflection is measured in an electro-optical cell.

In guidance and direction, the helmet has a 3D accelerometer which measures change, direction and velocity. The process of data in real time is done by Algorithms removing the motion generated noises to attain more accurate readings.

Available to purchase on amazon: $229.99/£250.99 

Livall Bling Helmet

With Bluetooth speakers and a windproof microphone, users can make hands-free phone calls to other cyclists and other contacts. Whilst in a group, the cyclists can communicate between each other to relay guidance and instructions without the possibility of separation or miscommunication. Through Bluetooth text messages sent to the companion, smart phone app are relayed to the Helmet speakers in an audio voice message.

Like all bike helmets their main purpose is to protect the wearer from road hazards and concussions should the user impact the ground by accident. An inbuilt accelerometer and G-sensor detects and measures any unusual gravity acceleration which could result in a crash or collision automatically informs emergency services of the predicament.

In compliance with road safety and laws LED lights are placed at the back of the helmet which emits flashes signals during the night so the cyclists remain visible to traffic.

Available to purchase on amazon: £267.26

Airwheel C5 Helmet 

This smart helmet can play music, record videos and connect to an android smart phone by Bluetooth this provides additional usage whilst cycling and the ability to answer phone calls without compromising the user’s safety on the road.

The best feature of this helmet is the inbuilt high definition camera which has a 150-degree angle lens capable of capturing 2k resolution in both video and camera images. The camera is activated manually by pressing buttons on the helmet’s side; the 2000mAh battery can record over three hours of footage and be stored on 128 GB of memory. The built in WI-FI module can connect to networks to transmit images and videos on social media.

Priced on Amazon: $190.00


The PhiPAL wearable device transforms any regular bike helmet into a smart helmet by being attached to any helmet it tracks the performance metrics of the cyclist and alerting health and safety if an emergency occurs.

The motion and barometric sensors track and acceleration, position, orientation and altitude if there are any changes in the indicated readings the device will ask the user by audio to confirm their condition if it does not receive a response an initiated emergency alert is sent to the predefined contacts. The alarm signal sent includes GPS coordinates and altitude measures making it easier for search and rescue to find the cyclists exact location.

PhiPAL is set to launch in September 2017


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