Xenoma Wearable Smart Shirt

Smart Sport Shirt

As golf season is starting again in full swing for the New Year’s summer athletes and trainers have the opportunity to improve their technique with the help of newly developed technology from Xenoma. The company has been working and developing a possible revolutionary smart shirt called e-skin. This electronic clothing has the capability to track motions and gestures in sports this in turn, will assist athletes by improving their technique and form.

In practicing golf the shirt can analyze the swing, form and stance of the user when training before feedback is relayed. The information on the golf technique based on the analysis will inform the user if a reverse pivot or lateral sway is being done. Due to the flexible and stretchable wires, the shirt does not cause restraint during exercises.

The shirt is made with an inbuilt Printed Circuit Fabric created by Xenoma’s manufactures the materials have stretchable wires and sensors integrated with traditional textiles. Inside the shirt materials are fourteen sensors divide among the sleeves, chest and back sections due to the light thin materials it can be worn with relevant comfort as a regular shirt.


Located at the center of the shirt is a centralized controller called the e-skin Hub, this transfers the data collected by the sensors to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart watch through Bluetooth. The e-skin application program interface is supported on windows and androids devices that use the Unity game development engine.

The featured applications are also capable of measuring common movements that occur in multiple exercises an example of this is when the user is running the suit measures the exertion and form of running. The notification app is a feature not based solely on exercise information if the user is sitting on a chair the xenoma shirt will alert the user to correct their posture. Comfortable enough to be worn whilst sleeping it provides breathing analysis to provide information on the effectiveness of their sleeping patterns and lung capacity.


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