Samsung has revealed a special bonus pack offer for the beginning of the New Year which involves their popular galaxy S7 phone, which is arguably the best current smartphone on the market according to some reviews. If purchased between the 12th of January and the 28th of February the buyer will get a free Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker.

Galaxy S7 and S8

Sold separately the Gear Fit 2 costs £179 at most retail stores and online. The unit was launched last year. It was designed for multiple exercises and training modes. These include cycling, cardio and aquatic exercise. The device can count the number of calories burnt and steps taken and provides digital communications texts, emails and calls sent straight to the wrist.The Gear Fit 2 contains an inbuilt heart rate sensor which measures the pulse on the wrist it is also capable of recording all the user’s fitness activity and data.

Available in both small and large strap options the Gear Fit 2 has a display screen of 1.5 inches that can come in three different color themes black, blue and pink.

Meanwhile the new and improved galaxy S8 smartphone is set to be released on the 15th of April 2017. The phone design will be completely different from its original predecessors, one key change is the elimination of all physical buttons. These will be replaced by on-screen virtual buttons which are to activate all the phone’s features. Unlike the Galaxy S7 there will not be a separate curved Edge model instead it will have a curved display. The South Korean company will implement the technology with its new on-screen navigation button which users will be able to customize.

Galaxy S8 Model

The bezels around the display will be narrowed, thanks to the new industrial design



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