This list shows the latest and greatest smart wearable and virtual reality technology and how it is making our world all the better by making what we see all the time in the SC-FI movies to becoming a reality.

As technology advances and becomes more integrated into our daily lives the diverse functions of different devices gets more focused on providing specific features to make experiences with technology better in improving our health, entertainment and lives.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers have made exercising more tangible as people want results and information on how it makes them healthier this is provided by making the designs suitable for all types of exercises and not only by words and numbers but also by audio couches.

Smart glasses provide users with the ability to attain information and bolster daily activities in a quick and easy method through augmented reality creating convenience in showing the world in a brand new perspective and keeping in trust with the public by remaining connected to the internet.

Virtual reality will soon revolutionize entertainment by making video games and movies completely interactive by creating a whole new universe to enter and a brand new way to be enjoyed.

1) Garmin Vivoactive HR

2) Moov Now

3) Apple Watch and Nike

4) FitBit Flex 2

5) Vuzix AR 3000

6) Garmin Varia Vision

7) Apple Smart Glasses

8) Oculus Rift VR

9) Playstation VR

10) HTC Vive VR

Garmin Vivoactive HR


Developed by Garmin this fitness tracker is the latest installment for the array of wearable technology sold and developed by Garmin Company with its improved battery life which lasts up to five days and GPS feature which usable in all sports activities running, swimming and biking.

By measuring the pulse on the user’s wrist it can display heart rate during exercise and with the built in sports app enables instructions from smart coaching from Garmin connect when synced to an android or smart phone.

Currently priced at £210

Moov Now


A multi-sport wearable instructor which audio communicates to the user through addition headphones sync wirelessly to the user’s smartphone; during their workout, this can be used in all forms of exercise cardio, biking, swimming and running.

Moov Now provides motivation as well as instructions for the user encouraging them to push beyond their limits or to their targeted goals. By monitoring the user’s movements and impacts on the ground the Moov Now helps minimize the possibility of injury the user is made of aware of this by the device audio informing the user to change their exercise technique.

Currently valued at $59.95/£49.99

See Next Page for Apple Watch and Nike details


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