Developed by Microsoft the HoloLens is a version of smart glasses that will bridge the gap between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) the difference this is known as mix reality (MR). The HoloLens projects the mix reality in the form of 3D holographic content the projections are called holograms which appear the user’s field of vision in the headset.

Mixed Reality 

This provides Microsoft HoloLens with capabilities once only thought in the realms of science fiction when the headset is on the user can see virtual objects appearing on a real life table. A mechanical engineer can project a virtual car design in the factory workshop and alter its shape and look this can apply to any develop projects such as construction as the layout of the site will be projected in a holographic form the physical design is an important part of the usability.

As this is a mix reality device it is not in the exact same design as other virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus rift and HTC it is more closely designed to be a hybrid between a VR headset and smart glasses. The potential usage of HoloLens can be applied to multiple applications in various fields both on the internet and in the real world. The glasses can change how people communicate online an example of this will be on Skype instead of people seeing each other through a computer camera they will see life-size holograms. Artist and designers will be able to create virtual designs of their work projects without the need of a Smartphone or computer to relay their potential methods. In the entertainment which has already been integrated with virtual reality headsets; gamers can play with real life-sized virtual characters without the need of a television.

The launch will take place in 2018 as yet to be confirmed exactly when by Microsoft.


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