Wearable Technology Helped Save Professor’s Life

Smartwatches and other sensors can detect diseases or medical hazards before the user is aware of the symptoms occurring this was the case for a professor in genetics at the Stanford University. The professor, Michael Snyder did not have any noticeable signs of Lyme disease, however the smartwatch he was wearing noticed changes in his heart rate and oxygen levels which correctly predicted the onset of the disease.

Wearable Technology

A further studied of wearables detecting diseases was done by at Stanford University School of Medicine the test involved a team of scientists taking nearly two billion measurements from 60 people using multiple different sensor models which all monitored vital signs and statistics. The Data collected included heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature and calories burnt from daily activities which all added up to 250,000 data entries.

Michael Snyder noticed something was wrong with his health on a journey to Norway for a family vacation he began to suspect a change in body activity during the flight. Snyder was made aware of his heart rate and blood oxygen levels changing by the seven biosensors although the human body’s vital signs change naturally whilst flying the alteration in air pressures during flights cause the body to react differently.

After landing the scientist began to develop a fever and cold-like signs of illness this led him to believe he may have been bitten by an infected tick whilst working outdoors in Massachusetts. A Norwegian doctor analyzed the data collected by the sensors and confirmed the self-diagnosis was correct in indicating the professor was infected by Lyme disease and later prescribed antibiotics to combat the infection.


“Wearables helped make the initial diagnosis,”-Michael Snyder

The fact that you can pick up infections by monitoring before they happen is very proactive,”- Eric Topol, professor of genomics at Scripps Research Institute.

This could begin a new to change the way medical research with the involvement of tech corporations such as Apple since wearable technology like smartwatches, fitness trackers and smartphone apps are mass produced by the establishment. As data from the devices is collected in the cloud and being analyzed by healthcare professionals can immediately advise the users to seek medical attention if necessary and required.




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