Software/ Developer Resources

Xcode 8 includes everything needed to create apps for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple watch and Apple TV this derives from the integrated development environment that can be used to customize coding and experience. New runtime issue alters users to hidden bugs by indicating memory leaks and new memory debugger dives deep into the object graph

Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of android device this includes code editing, debugging, performance tooling. Addition features include a flexible build system, an instant build and a deploy system all allow to develop unique and high-quality apps. Developing push codes in the studio and resource changes to apps running on a device or emulator can make alterations instantly possible.


Movesense Software Developments

Application Program Interface with this set of protocols and routines; software development applications for android games are done by transferring data through a set of algorithms. Mobile libraries for android and iOS enable developed apps to be applied to make Movesense sensors work at the best of their abilities this includes the capability to update the sensor firmware and apps with a synchronized smartphone or android.  The smart connector has an embedded chip with an individual ID to allow specific applications.

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Android emulator can install and run apps faster on any android device with configuration. The latest developed android emulator can design applications at a faster processor pace due to the multiple power cores featured this makes it possible for the emulator to function faster than a connected hardware device. Application package file can be uploaded to an android device without the need to install or uninstall and when necessary multiple apps can be tested.


Movesense having successfully made products and innovations with Amer sports and Symbio partnership as Symbio creates applications and services utilizing Movesense. Sensor technology which is based on open application programming interface has developed technology that can track and monitor all forms of movement done by the user. Symbio and Amer companies make it possible for Movesense technology to be integrated with their sports gear which improves the user’s performance during exercise by the data collected they gain a better understanding of daily sports activities.

Quotes: “Symbio was selected as the first partner for the Movesense ecosystem, because of their global presence and strong competence to develop ideas to products. To us this partnership is an opportunity to quickly bring Movesense sensor technology to different industries,” says Heikki Norta, President, Amer Sports Connected Devices and Services.




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