Qualcomm and Fashion Brands

In 2016 the smart watch market faced a sales crash due to the lack of demand for smart watches and android watches yet Qualcomm are being more optimistic with their business lead in 2017 which shall see a bolstered new increase in the distribution and development of smartwatches. This is aimed to be accomplished by the new partnerships being established between Qualcomm and the Swiss company Swarovski as an invite to the smart watch market, the announcement was made at CES conference in early 2017.

Current developments by Qualcomm are the Snapdragon wear 2000 and the Snapdragon wear 1100 each is a processor designed for specification in different wearable devices. The 2000 model is fitted to process and manage data in smartwatches and the 1100 model is targeted at fitness trackers.  This is the current development focus of Qualcomm for the first six months of the year to be used in all their manufactured wearable devices according to the senior director of project management at Qualcomm Pankaj Kendia. The third generation of these processors is near execution stage and Qualcomm is currently planning the fourth generation to be released in early 2018.

As fashion and wearable technology begin to entwine the importance of appealing to the public becomes more significant as people will be reluctant to wear items and clothing which is both uncomfortable or a ridiculing appearance. Fashion brands have stated and emphasized that people are not interested in wearing technology they are eager to wear fashion.

Pankaj Kedia stated through a conversation with a Swarovski spokesman: “Swarovski came to us and they said ‘most of the smartwatches today seem like they are built for men, and the definition of a women’s watch is rose gold but the size doesn’t change,” Kedia said. “‘Now, I want to build the smallest, thinnest, smartwatch on the planet — it needs to look feminine.’” Smartwatches are not just designed to be a temporary trend as the improvement of technology systems has increased their credibility thus Google has not exited the smartwatch market and plans this year to release two new smartwatches alongside the android wear 2.0.



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