CES BodiTrak Fitness Headphones


Multiple wearable development companies presented their products at CES 2017 conference, among this wide range of wearable technology were the BodiTrak earbuds design to be similar to fitness trackers the devices can monitor bodily functions during workouts. The unique functionality of the earbuds is their ability to censor multiple body vitals simultaneously ranging from heart rate, speed, distance and core body temperature all these features have contributed to the fact this design was awarded the best fitness wearable at CES 2017.

The earbuds are able to track the entire user’s body activity during exercise including oxygen intake the amount of oxygen entering the lungs and the amount in exhaling. An impressive feature is the ability to measure core body temperature this is done in a similar manner to a thermometer by taking readings from inside the ear. Unlike other wearable fitness trackers that must be strap to the body with a band or brace usually on the wrist or ankle these buds can be placed or removed at will with relative ease by the user and through Bluetooth they can be connected to any smartphone or android without the need of a wire the earbuds are able to play music whilst exercises are being performed.

British Athletes have been testing the BodiTrak earbuds for reviews on their integrity this is a significant case to determine the development and distribution of the product as it shall gain a profession opinion on earbuds functionality and whether it benefits the user doing exercise at both amateur and professional levels. At present there is not an estimated time of the battery life and whilst the product was announced at CES 2017 the official release date to the public is yet to be confirmed it is has been notified it will occur in early 2017.

# http://www.androidheadlines.com/2017/01/best-fitness-wearable-of-ces-2017-bodytrak-earbuds.html


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