CES Tech Conference

The Consumer Technology Association is an exhibition event happening in Las Vegas 2017 where most tech giant corporations present their new products to international firms and representers. CES marks the beginning of the establishment by leading virtual assistants used by multiple corporations these include Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and the Google assistant.

The companies intend to have their voice controlled  AI’s to be innovated with IoT technologies in the household also with wearable technologies the wireless headphones developed by OnVocal are Bluetooth operated that link to the user’s smartphone whilst being power by Amazon’s AI Alexa. GE has developed a smart lamp which acts as a speaker will be presented at the CES exhibition the lamp can only be activated if Alexa is being operated in the vicinity.

C by GE

GE Smart speaker lap                                              OnVocal wireless headset

Microsoft is working in partnership with Harman Kardon a renowned audio development specialist to develop the Aivia speaker which host its cloud-based inteligence the speaker development has been completed and will be presented at CES. Microsoft’s development into IoT plans to add Cortana to other products that are not digitally based for example kitchen items like toasters and fridges which will provide audio information and updates on the functionality of the items.


Aivia smart speaker integrated with Cortana

The French start-up Bixi a gadget that adds gesture control smartphones and tablets without the need of physically touching the smart tech this function allows the user to scroll and select applications. Examples are changing between internet browsers with a simple hand gesture from side to side when reading an article or doing research exterior usages are adjusting the music volume on a smartphone with motions like raising and lower your hand. The device can be acquitted with most electrical devices that are used in everyday activities such as GoPro cameras if the user is riding their bike and cannot activate the camera because the hands are preoccupied however a simple wave over the Bixi gadget which will be sync to the camera will cause it to the turn on the camera.

Bixi gesture activation device





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