Freefly VR

This virtual reality headset transforms the user’s mobile phone into a wide range field of view the VR experiences. The unique characteristics of this particular headset are the highly immersive lenses that have a 120-degree field of view without requirements to adjust. It is compatible with most modern smart phone and android designs this is due to its unique wing mechanism and universal headphone access developers such as Samsung, Apple and Sony have phone models compatible with the headset.

The usage of Freefly VR ranges from entertainment such as films and mobile app games the virtual reality makes the experience more intense and immersive. There are hundreds of VR compatible add-ons and upgrades available to purchase on iTunes and Google play this content is attainable with all mobile devices.

Freefly is not general designed for the user to escape reality into an alternate world the social aspect of the VR allows mulitple users to connect and contact each other. The vTime application allows for sharing VR experinces with others in differnt environments ranging from a tropicle beach or a urban city, social media giant Facebook has partnered with Freefly to create its own social VR team.

The Android pack features an optional interactive wireless GLIDE controller which can be sync to the user’s phone by bluetooth it is useful when playing a game and manuvering the virtual projection.



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