IoT Intelligent Car

As IoT is becoming more interactive with the public in order to provide information, the innovation of technologies which is delivering new ways that will inform, entertain and assist people whilst at work  or  everyday activities. The installment of IoT in vehicles is set to be the forefront of development for the future of transportation and this design will also change how communities interact and share information.

The Intelligent car models are fully fitted with IoT servers that can monitor the performance of the car and driver this is dubbed as intelligent maintenance. Local analytics can be applied to thousands of sensors to indicate unusual or dangerous events that will plot the proper actions to avoid damage to the vehicle. The collected data from an individual car can be shared with other cars of the same design, this analyzed information is stored on the cloud network and the transportation infrastructure to provide the correct guidance at the appropriate time which can keep drivers safe. By 2020 there shall be 152 million developed cars fitted with IoT each one generating 11 petabytes of data annually whilst driving on the road.

Car owners and buyers want the safest possible driving experience the latest IoT technologies can provide this security. The communication between smart  has the potential of reducing car crashes as the shared information exchanged provides the ability for drivers to know each others speed, location, and direction. The results of quick data exchange drivers can make proactive desitions and measures which will keep traffic moving efficiently and safely. Smart traffic systems and the interaction with smart vehicles will effectively manage and reduce vehicle wait time and increase time travel between junctions.




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