Samsung brainBAND

Developed by the Australian Samsung branch company this prototype headband can be used in the study of head concussions which are often a common occurrence in contact sports. The device can monitor head impacts in contact sports simultaneously as the game continues without distracting the player thus the game does not get interrupted when unnecessary.

The Data which is accumulated by the headband can help medical staff better understand the condition of the players head and if brain damage occurs. The brainBand includes sensors located at the back area of the rim that reduces the risk of damage when force impact is measured and LED lights are emitted at the front of the device in 3 different colors; the alternation of colors indicate the levels severity risk, yellow shows low danger, orange shows moderat danager and red shows high danger.

Based on the light signal being emitted officials and medical staff can immediatly determin if a sportsman must be taken off the field for medicle assesment. The data obtained by the sensors is transmitted through an application to a Samsung tabloid or smart phone where the data is displayed.

The devive was first tested by professional australian rugby player Ireal Folau who is also the brand ambassador of Samsung and he hopes it will soon be availible for every sportsman in Australia according to his own personal experience.

quotes: “I think it’d be great if every player in Australia had access to this kind of technology to make contact sports safer for current and future generations.”- Ireal Falau

“At Samsung, we have a strong belief in pushing the boundaries of technology and challenging the current perception of what is possible through innovation”- Philip Newton, CMO, Samsung Electronics Australia



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