In 2014 iHealth laboratory designed 3 wearable health devices that monitor vital conditions preferably made to be used by people suffering from high blood pressure and heart conditions.The fact that these devices are continuous in monitoring the user’s health issues it is unnecessary for people to travel to the hospital for regular check-ups. When their condition becomes serious they are informed immediately and then notified to visit a doctor in case it is a life threatening situation and require medical treatment.

The Ambulatory blood pressure is a wearable vest that monitors blood pressure and is connected to the user’s mobile device via Bluetooth this can also be done with PC using a USB both these methods transfer data collected under the vest onto a perceptive screen the blood pressure monitor works with both iOS and Android. The device is designed not to hinder the user’s daily activities and schedules whilst providing constant health monitoring. The device has a set system which can be alternated the time when blood pressure readings are taken with optional interval timing from the minimal time of every 15 minutes up to 120 minutes. The gathered data can be up to 200 points this shows the doctor any changes in blood pressure which is critical in determining the condition and stages of hypertension.


iHealth Pulse

Wearable pulse Oximeter is a wearable device that is placed on the index finger’s tip which connected to a wristband it is designed to monitor pulse rate and oxygen level in the bloodstream.  The device is comfortable enough to be worn by the user at night without interfering with sleep this makes it ideal for detecting sleep apnea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The device is capable of storing over 1000 hours of data providing more conclusive and reliable information for doctors it is also connectable to iOS and Android devices by Bluetooth as long as the mobiles have the iHealth companion app installed.



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