Veldt Serendipity Hybrid Smartwatch

Develop in Japan and released in late 2015 this Smartwatch has been designed to offer any user the simplest and least complicated methods of attaining information that can be available on the internet and phone network the technology uses a light emitting notification when a syncranised information is received from online.

The watch contains a featured loop of lights on the watch face current information about the weather conditions and if an alteration occurs, when it will be sunny the display will be in the color orange if the weather changes to rain or stormy conditions the lights will display in blue.

Incoming texts are notified by the watch as a loop signal that travels around the watch face the watch has a miniature analog display screen at the bottom of the face that will present the origin of the text instead of the entire message.

The Veldt Serendipity has a companion app that only works with IOS devices developed by Apple inc additional features on the application are fitness trackers and sleep patterns the data from both activities are presented on the sync smartphone. The built in rechargeable battery can operate at full capacity  for a week without charging the life span can last for up to five years before a replacement is required.



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