An initial design of the TALOS exoskeleton. Credit: Army

In 2013 the US military began a development project to produce a futuristic combat armor designated for the special forces such as the navy seals whilst on special operations the tactical assault light operation prototype suit is to be produced by 2018. Unlike the fictional iron man suit that is slow and clunky these real life military suits are required to have great mobility whilst being able to provide strength and protection for the soldier.

Essentially the suit is being designed to be flexible and malleable during missions such as patrols whilst it remains light when the soldier is moving the armor will harden instantaneously at the point of impact from a projectile thus the suit provides bullet proof protection. This results in dispersing of the destructive energy from a bullet or piece of shrapnel from an explosion the technology behind this ‘liquid armor’ is a magnetic or electric current that gets applied through the material changing the molecules to be become solid.

Talos will have inbuilt subsystem of sensors that will monitor vital signs and provide increased strength all this added capability requires a great source of power. General Atomics intends to provide the power source using a miniature combustion engine that employs a high efficiency hybrid system the cycle combines a high compression ratio and an isochoric combustion shaft.

The purpose of this particular engine system within the exoskeleton is to have a rechargeable battery that can provide enough power to sustain the function and produce enough energy for all the components.This will include the computer and sensor system that are to monitor the vital signs including heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure as well as the robotic strength augmentation this kind of increased strength will allow the soldier to carry heavy equipment such as machinery, weapons and the ability to breakdown reinforced barricades like doors. This newly concept of body armor could completely change military training and be the forefront of future warfare and save lives on the battlefield by increasing the soldiers safety.

Quotes:”The ultimate purpose of the TALOS project is to produce a prototype in 2018. That prototype will then be evaluated for operational impact,” Lt. Cmdr. Matt Allen




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