This headset has been developed to alternative moods the Thync headset is made primarily of plastic which contains Bluetooth to connect with the user’s phone.The components are attached to the head and neck by a adhesive strip that keeps the device in position on the temple.It is operated by a companion app that is required to be downloaded onto a smartphone in order to select the treatment options there are two different emotional states that can be stimulated these are calm and energy.

The vibes produced by the device are low-level electronic waves that stimulate nerves on the head and neck the calm vibes actively lower stress, reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. The energy vibes entice the user to feel more awake this improves focus and concentration if the user is performing tiresome or complicated work as the device is placed on the temples which is the thinnest part of the skull it takes only a short time to become effective.

The affects are not felt immediately when the headset is applied to the skin and activated it is similar to the training in sports activity the more regular it is done the faster the results are achieved. The recommended usage for beginners is 4 to 6 times per week including a usage of each vibe 3 to 5 times consistently to discover which level works best for the user’s personal requirements.The device’s usage of electrical impulses are low enough that the FDA (federal drug administration) does not issue any regulations in concern for public health and safety.



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