The LumiWave is a medical device that produces infrared light which pierce muscle groups and joints providing pain relief if an injury has occurred through sport or daily activities. When activated the LumiWave device temporarily relieves pain it can be fitted to any part of the body  by using the adjustable straps it is able to be placed on the back, arms, legs and neck. The infrared lights emitted increase the local blood circulation in a specific area this relieves muscle spasms and chronic pain that are commonly associated with sporting injuries and assists with other medical conditions such as arthritis.

The standard device is equipped with 4 pods that are positioned on the body when required each pod contains 200 infrared light emitting diodes which are operated by a hand held remote controller. The controller enables the user to select a certain amount of time the infrared light gets emitted the recommended time is between 20 to 30 mins of usage on a certain area an indicator light provides information about the device’s operation.

LED therapy is effective in large doses and small doses depending on the area that is affected there are two model versions of LumiWave the single model has 4 pods that are suitable for small body areas such as joints and tendons.The larger model equipped with 8 pods that is designed to treat large body areas where muscle strain often occurs such as the upper back and thigh as these are areas with large muscle groups. The device is conjoined with a 12 volt AC adapter that is attached to the controller and plugs into a standard 120 volt power outlet that can charge both the 200 and 400 LEDs. The devices is completely portable to be used at the gym or during any outdoor sport activity and for less proactive users that remain at home.




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