Oculus Rift Stages

In modern games virtual reality has been the next technological step in the game industry hoping to offer players a greater experience while playing this would be done by immersing the player in a virtual world providing an illusion that the game is a reality.Multiple models of virtual reality sets have been produced since 2012 most have only been presented to the public in their prototype stages in 2014. Code named crystal cove this prototype virtual reality set used a specialized low persistence of organic light emitting diode including a motion tracking system that would detect the player’s actions such as crouching and leaning .

The Development kit 2 produced by Oculus is an upgraded version of the crystal glove aimed at improving certain features in the original crystal glove model.An improved higher resolution display which in contrast is 960 x 1080 per eye frame a higher refresh rate, positional tracker that was improved by a detachable cable this way the user did not have to be connected directly to the computer in order for the device to operate.The key asset of the headset was the incorporation of  a modified Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone display which provides better graphics.

The Oculus touch is the final designed has come equipped with two additional wireless controllers for each hand that are similar to a the functionality of a Wii remote. The original Oculus designs were developed for PC use only, now with the modern game consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PS4  it has been resigned to be compatible with their requirements. The two controllers are based on the design of an Xbox controller the difference being the controller buttons are divided between the different parts. Each controller has a joystick and a trigger each used for specific motions that the player uses to play the game. An example of this occurs when a first person shooter game is selected the right handed controller’s joystick aims the gun at the selected target and the trigger fires the weapon. Whilst the left handed controls basic movement of the player’s avatar such as crouching, running and taking cover this balance of game operation provides a natural realist scenario for the users to experience.




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