This Bionic foot provides amputees with the most realistic substitute to a organic foot due to a flexible ankle component that automatically changes functionality according to the terrain. When the user is ascending stairs or a sloping road the balance distribution transforms on the foot providing symmetric gait with the opposite foot thus supporting the user’s body  by maintaining a natural walk.

The accelerometer technology in the device measures real-time motion tracking for the bionic foot as it moves including as the toe and heel parts lift off from the ground. During each stride the device horizontal and vertical data is collected from different algorithms which can detect what kind of surface the device is standing on.

Smart aspect of the device is called terrain logic this combined with motion analysis sensors help the user get accustomed to walking on various surfaces having sensed an included surface from a previous stride the ankle movement parameters change for the next step.

Reports from users say that the device reduces residual limb strain that is common in most prosthetics as the body is unaccustomed to supporting an artificial limb. This can result in back, hip and knee strain the adaptation of the device can prevent such cases occurring as it can be manually altered.



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