Panasonic Flexible Battery

Currently being developed by Panasonic this flexible battery can be twisted, bent and maneuvered by hand and will still retain its shape it has been tested in multiple deformation scenarios.Although this device is still in early development the potentials for this lithium ion battery can continue to function, operate phones and maintain electrical charge even after being misshaped.

The idea of the flexible battery project is when flexible smart phones have been developed and become available on the market the battery will be compatible and functional with these newly developed phones. In addition to the current lithium ion batteries that are mainly used to power smart phones and other gadgets if the battery gets damaged or deformed it will not generate the power required to operate the device.

The flexible lithium ions are deemed to be much safer to use as they can exert heat faster than original batteries which became a liability and volatile when mishandled. This was a major issue for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 when batteries overheated and then exploded because the phones where overcharged when an electrical current the lithium ion causes metallic lithium to leak and when this substance reacted with oxygen bubbles it then caused the battery to explode.

The new flexible battery is only 0.55 millimeters thick and the curve of the battery can bend to a 25 degree radius this is a convenient asset when combined with other wearable devices such as smartwatches, fitness bands and smart clothing that are constantly being moved. The battery charge capacity is still low the smallest model being 17.5 milliampere hour and the largest model being 60 milliampere hour which in comparison to the IPhone 7 has a battery mAh battery of 1,960.



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