Misfit Phase Hybrid Watch

This particular watch is fully customizable with interchangeable straps and accessories combined with the same features as modern day smart phones and other wearable devices based on the interaction between the technology it can assist the user in gaining the required information that is an aspect of daily living. The fitness tracking feature of this watch provides the user with data about the number of steps performed during the day and the distanced walked it is also able to tag specified exercises such as yoga and running. The stainless steel and aluminium design are water resistance allowing the watch to function normally down to 5 meters depth while being resistant to damage on hard surfaces.  Sleep quantity is monitored whilst the amount is recorded, quality of sleep is measured through the duration of sleep the collected data is sent wirelessly to the smart phone.

Important alerts and notifications are indicated when vibrations made by the watch placed on the wrist occur as the device is synced to the users phone by a companion app. The vibration alerts are designed to notify the user when calls, texts, emails. Based on the mode the user has chosen the vibrations can also indicate smart alarms when an event is happening and movement reminders. An activated smart button mode can call the synchronized phone if it is lost, program it to take a selfie and play or pause music the watch unlike a smart phone  is non chargeable instead the battery is replaceable and can last for six mouths.

# https://misfit.com/uk_en/smartwatch/misfit-phase



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