There are dozens of wearable fitness trackers that can assist users with their exercise the differentiation of the gym-watch is it acts as a personal fitness instructor or diagnostician wherever exercise is taking place be at home or the gym. It is ideal for weight lifting which is the most basic form of exercise and for people that are new to exercise entirely the device will instruct and offer guidelines to ensure the user that they are performing the exercise correctly.

The device requires an iPhone or Android to host the app which can be connected either by Bluetooth or a USB cable the gym-watch device does not have a screen, it uses light emitting diode when activated and when processing data during movement and strength in muscle tension. With the device are two different sized velcro straps developed to be placed on certain areas of the body the longer thicker strap can positioned on the upper leg or abdomen and the smaller strap can be placed on the bicep or wrist. Depending on the amount of usage the battery life would last for eight hours on average and be fully recharged and ready to use in one hour the device is recharged through a portable USB cable.

The functionality of the device is based on three key components these are an accelerometer, a gyroscope and magnetometer this combination of hardware is able of tracking muscle movement and the tension in contractions. The muscle data is sent to the app after the exercise is done the user can immediately analyze their own performance on their phone. When the device is applied to the body depending on the exercise app the user has chosen it will alert the user where to place the device for example if the abdominal exercise is selected on the app’s option menu and then place on the arm the device will inform the user that this is the wrong position and must be rectified.




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