The Cicret Braclet

After the launch of touch screen technology in mobile telephones has become a commercial feature for most modern day electric devices now a French company called Cicret have been developing a water resistant wrist band which acts the same as an Android and iPhone. Currently the device is still in the prototype stage of the development project but in the near future this orange, waterproof wristband will be capable of projecting a smartphone’s user interface thereby transferring all the phone’s functions onto the wrist.

The wrist band resembles a fitness tracker but instead of monitoring fitness levels and activity this device brings the entire usage of a smartphone onto the users skin. It works through a tiny projector which is stashed within the interior of the wristband when activated the interface is shown on the wrist and becomes interactive. A proximity censor tracks movement and inputs upon the replicated a phones screen this censor relays the selected command through Bluetooth to the device according the Cicret this wristband will be capable of performing the same functionalities as Android,Apple and Windows phones.

According to a report from Cicret the industry managed to successfully develop a fully functioning wrist band and approved testing evaluations in mid 2016. By early 2017 the project shall be complete and this device will be available to purchase to the public on a global scale.





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