The iBand+

Developed by the Dutch company Arenar this wearable technology has the potential to make the fictional film Inception a reality as other wearable tech tracks and monitors sleep patterns this device aims to induce sleep and lucid dreams. The iBand + comes in two main items a package that includes a specified pillow equipped with speakers and a headband sensor that tracks movement, heart rate and body temperature.

The features that separate the iBand + from other sleep monitoring technology is the inbuilt light emitting diode (LED) which is a semiconductor light source that helps stimulate sleep. The electroencephalogram (EEG) is used for sensing brain waves as this method is a test to detect and measure electrical impulses between neurons the less active the impulses are the more relaxed the user is while sleeping and dreaming.


Biometric sensors recognize rapid eye movement that occurs when the user is fast asleep and dreams are most vivid. When the iBand interprets this specific phase of sleep the pillow speakers and light emitting diode automatically activate in aim of promoting lucid dreams. In addition to help dreams and sleeping this device has a wake up feature that helps the user feel well rested by measure the number of hours the user sleeps per night and a the time they awaken. A smart alarms is activates at a certain set time with gentle audio and simulated sun light unlike an digital alarm clocks that use loud sounds.

Apart from being an ultimate induced virtually realty trip the iBand can help promote factors in the user’s physical life such as overcoming phobias and anxiety. Able to connect to smartphones, laptops and androids through Bluetooth the user can select the music they wish to hear during sleep and with the advancing technology have the potential to record their dreams.



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