Recon Instruments

Recon jet white are smart glasses that can enhance the way cyclists initiate their exercise data simultaneously on the lenses during the bike ride. The mini heads up display screen dose not interfere with the user’s line of sight as that would be hazardous while cycling and with the usage of glance detection technology it only activates when the user looks at the display area directly. The glasses are equipped with 1 GHz dual core processor, WI-FI, Bluetooth, GPS locator which can capture elevation and distance information more accurately and a built in HD camera that can record cycling journeys.

The connectivity is compatible with a power cycle computer that relays data the WI-FI and Bluetooth allows the glasses to be connected with heart rate monitors, cadence sensors and power meters all designed to assist exercise and experience. Through Bluetooth the glasses can sync to the user’s I phone and Android this can enable texts and calls to be received and displayed on the lenses with the built in microphone for vocal communication with the caller while being hands free.

Unlike google smart glasses the heads up display appears on the bottom of the lens instead of the top this provides minimal obstruction for the cyclist as when cycling the head naturally bobs down and the eye line looks through the top portion of the lenses.The rechargeable lithium ion batteries have four hour power life that is plentiful while being active.The glasses are pair with a micro USB 2.0 that will connect to any laptop model  and sync with the Recon engage web app to share performance,customization and download maps and updates.



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