Smart Tops

Pauline van Dongen - FysioPal posture clothing

Fashion designer Pauline van Dongen and tactile display company Elitac have developed a smart shirt that assists wearers in maintaining a correct healthy posture. Named FysioPal this shirt is designed to be worn as an undershirt beneath additional clothing at the top of the shirt are sensors that measure the muscle and bone positions of the shoulders, neck and back. This data is then sent to a companion phone app that assesses and determines the current body posture, if the sensors detect a slouch when the user is standing or sitting down light vibrations are produced by the smart alerting the user to correct their posture to the natural state.


Ralph Lauren have work in partner ship with Montreal based wearable technology brand OMsignal in order to create a new Polo smart shirt that will assist people undertaking exercise. With the interior biometric censoring design along with silver fibers woven into the shirt’s fabrics that attain biometric data these fibers are light and flexible so they cannot interfere or cause strain and discomfort during exercise.With a detachable box that streams collects data from the silver fibers about the body’s heart rate, breathing dept, energy output and stress level statistics directly to the iPhone app using Bluetooth.



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