Skulpt Chisel

This fitness measurement device is designed to assist people that are doing exercise by providing digital information about their personal strengths and weaknesses including guidance based on their own goals and physiology. For competitive athletes strength training is a key asset of improving fitness and body conditions the number of sets and reps being done are not accurate measurements of muscle development. As information provided by workout logs and diagrams is inaccurate and usually based on theory and guess work based on additional exercise information. While the importance of equality and muscle balance among the different tissue groups separating the quantity of fat and muscle percentages at 24 locations on the body.

Basic EIM Model

The scanner works by emitting a low electrical current that travels in different directions from one electrode to the other on the device. When the device is applied to the skin’s surface the electric current travels through the subcutaneous fat then to the muscle due to the resistance of the muscles the electric charge looses energy which is measured by the censors on the device. The time delay between the electric current and voltage provide the additional information about the muscles condition and amount of fat on the muscle’s surface below the skin.

The skulpt app that presents the information and coverts data attained by the scanner to a diagram that highlights the muscle groups that have been scanned and their condition. These results can be compared to previous information from an early scan after a past workout to ascertain how the different muscles have developed. This is done by the multiple direct measurements enabled by the scanner and app to show the changes in the muscles conditions over time. Regardless to the user’s fitness condition diet and exercise advice gets provided in adjustment to the information that the latest scanner measurements the data helps the user get an idea of what would be the best area to work on and the best exercise to perform in order to reach their goals.



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