These smart glasses are developed by Benny Labs LTD they resemble ordinary eye glasses that contain a high tech display system which is projected onto the lenses in the form a HUD (Heads up Display). The advanced technology can relay text messages including emoticons and other graphics, as a smart phone displays an icon indicating a message or an email has been received the user can ignore or read it at will. If the read option is selected the message is displayed across the lenses in single line order offering little distraction and a clear text. Bluetooth connects the LinaTXT to the users Smartphone while a downloadable companion app assists in activation and usage of the phone without directly using it such as access to messages.

The visual input uses a combination of projection technologies and liquid crystal display that is placed at the top of the lens which projects the message at a downward angle. The message is then reflected off the lower lens material which is placed at an angle that is directed towards the user’s eye and the message is visible as a clear line on the len’s bottom.

The key asset of the glasses is the method of using a Heads up Display this method presents an electronic input at eye level that is presented across the users field of vision. In early developments HUD was only available to pilots that requirement addition information whilst flying now with increased interaction of technology and the significance of information that is required for the people to perform work it now becoming more familiar with the general public.


LinaTXT looks like a regular pair of glasses, as other high tech versions of Heads up Display HUD involve thick, clunky designs that hide a collection of microprocessors and projectors.

Ashkelon, Israel (PRWEB) October 16, 2016





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