Exo-Glove Poly

Developed at Seoul National University the Exo-glove poly is a prototype biorobotic hand that will assist people suffering from hand paralysis which are resulted from a stroke or cerebal palsy. The soft design makes it comfortable to wear with flexibility and the capability to grasp and pinch certain objects such as door knobs and draw handles. Due to its lightweight and flexible design  it is in theory more superior to bionic hands that have limited movement and availability. Built to be water proof and wearable in everyday situations with three compartments that attached the thumb, middle and index fingers. Powered by a battery pack with tendon wire routing systems that is connected to a motor that is activated by a switch that makes the finger compartments move expanded and contract when required.

There are three main components that the human fingers require for movement these are an insertion, muscle’s origin and a pulley all these combined allow movement to be possible. The Exo glove sends electrical signals from the motor to the thimbles placed along the fingers causing them to flex this imitation of muscular signals is inspired and based on the natural way the human body moves via the central nervous system.



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