Fitbit Flex 2

This slim fit wearable wrist band can track fitness and sleeping patterns automatically and with its slim design make it comfortable to wear.Unlike its predecessor it is fully compatible with 200+ I phones, androids and window devices it can receive texts and phone calls with discrete light indicators the feature companion application stores all data attained whilst the user performs exercise.Whilst being active the device tracks the amount of footsteps done during the day and the amount distance achieved in miles and kilometers the hourly time of exercise is record to ensure the user reaches their own set goal and not go over a recommended stationary time limit.

The featured smart tracker automatic alters and activates when a particular exercise is being performed such as running, swimming and aerobic the information provided is accessible companion application. The sleep tracker provides information about the amount of sleep user is getting with a set goal and a bedtime reminder to form a healthy sleep pattern and a silent vibration alarm to awake the user. The wristband is water proof to both chlorine and salt water the time and the amount of calories are recorded for additional exercise information. The long lasting battery life provides reliability that will last to the maximum of five days and nights and still retain normal functionality without need to be recharged on a regular basis.




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