Developed in Massachusetts by the medical company Abiomed the AbioCore is an artificial heart designed to the replace a diseased or damage organic organ. The device has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the early 2000’s after it was surgically introduced to 14 patients during clinical trials.The materials of the device are titanium and plastic that connect to the four main areas of the heart circulatory system these are the right atrium, left atrium, pulmonary artery and the aorta.

The functionality of the AbioCore heart is similar to a biological heart the only difference being the artificial heart is unable to transfer blood from the main model to the two ventricle arteries that are connected to both the lungs and the blood. This means that blood circulation is only delivered to lungs and then the rest of the body and not simultaneously as a natural heart does.

The basic design is based on hydraulic pump systems that are found in heavy equipment such as oil and water pumps, force that is applied in one area then transmits incompressible fluid to the opposite area inside the device. The movement of blood is done through a porting valve which opens and closes this allows blood enter from one side and exit the other imitating a natural heart function. When the blood moves to the right it will then pass into the lungs and from the left it will enter the main blood circulation to the body.

The power source consist of a wireless energy transfer system that use both internal and external rechargeable batteries that transfer electricity via magnetic force to the AbioCore making it operate. The external battery is worn on a Velcro belt that is placed on the users waist the battery transfers power to the internal battery that powers the heart directly each rechargeable battery has five hours of life. A controller is implanted inside the abdominal wall that monitors and controls the pumping speed of the heart and alternating the speed when the user is performing a certain task or activity.

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