The EMOTIV head set is designed to measure and interpret brain ways that will interact with other electric devices through a companion app the light weight and initiative design makes it comfortable to wear over long periods of time. The usage of rechargeable lithium ion batteries provide the user with the minimal battery life of four hours and the maximum of twelve. The head set is compatible with windows, smartphones and androids through wireless blue tooth connectivity. The helmet uses 14 hydrophilic polymer sensors that do not require preparation or gels to measure and process brain waves into computer commands that can control electrical devices applications and objects.  An example of this is the famous BB-8 robot model from Star wars it was originally designed to be used through smartphones the model can now be controlled with the head set.


The concept of the EMOTIV head set is to assist the user by providing information about their brain activity in everyday events and activities this will help the user optimize their brain function. The features found in the companion app are able to record brain activity during six specific cognitive performances relaxation, focus, interest, excitement,stress and engagement. There are three different algorithm assets that are used to measure brain activity to accurately achieve emotional intensity results in different situations, facial expression, performance metrics and translate the activity into mental commands.

As every human brain is different personal use is important for the functionality of the head set in order for it to adapt to the specific brain waves that are generated in certain situations. This specific customization trains the head set to function in specific scenarios according to familiar commands that are related to the cognitive situations and the emotional state of the user.

EPOC+ – 14 Channel EEG




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