PlayStation Virtual Reality

Developed by the Japaneses game company Sony the PlayStation game consul has seen success and development since the early 2000’s. The operation method has changed very little with the player using a controller to play the game projected on a television screen.Now with the newly developed virtual reality headset the gaming experience is about to change to make the game play appear more realistic. The headset is not only limited to video games music and films can also be experienced through Sony’s owned media interests.

The headset is designed for comfort and support that causes little interference for the user whilst playing a game. The light design prevents strain on the users neck whilst being easy to don and remove it is also equipped with an adjustable headband that can tighten or loosen so it adapts to the users head space requirements.

The Headset is applicable to multiplayer with the virtual realty social screen enabling the user to play with or against other gamers or projecting the images that are presented in the head set onto the television screen making it an enjoyable social experience.The headset is connects to the PS4 consul the same way as a controller the user simply plugs the headset into a connection cord, it is also powered by the consul and does not rely solely on battery life.

The headset represents a new stepping stone in game play and Sony are exceeding expectations that this developed project can have the potential to revolutionize game play. Plans to release the project are to begin in October 2016 that will be available multi nationally.






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