Apple Smart Watches and Fitness

The apple series 2 is the company’s second generation smart watch which has been redesigned to focus on the user’s health and fitness. With its built in GPS tracker the accuracy for attaining the information about daily activities such as walking over long distances increases exponentially. The series 2 model can provide data and function accurately without a companion app that is usually accustomed with an iPhone. This latest design offers an alteration for the user relying on other electrical devices to receive information as they can become a hindrance and liability while the user is exercising.

The second series smart watch can be used in multiple exercises such as jogging, cycling and swimming due to its new water proof design. Additional data attained by the smart watch alternates according to the exercise being performed during jogging the number of  steps are recorded, in cycling the number of miles and in swimming the number of lengths for more accurate results so the user can obtain their goals.

In addition to the original apps that are present in the first series are all available in the series two model the apple smart has the most vast range of apps available to date. Newly installed apps can be activated within seconds after their installment this is made possible by the duel core battery that is placed under the watch face. The new battery life has been extended by an extra 24 hours almost twice the length of the original series and when low battery charge happens an automatic power saver mode is activated.



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