Google Smart Contact Lenses

Smart contact lenses are not a recent concept in the tech word as they help by improving vision with the increasing interaction of technology and the public wearable devices are beginning to be the most adequate and convenient devices for development within companies. Lead developers Brian Otis and Babak Pavis at the technology company Google have recently developed new smart contact lenses that will be able to perform multiple task with its additional smart tech features.

Electronic scanning

Cloths and sale items in stores are admitted  with price tags as is required by law the lenses are capable of scanning all electrical pricing, coupon and warrently information. When a customer enters the shop wearing the lenses they can scan all sale items and be informed with all the necessary information before making a purchase and cashiers scan the price tags of the selected items at a quick pace improving service.


As the human eye is unique to the individual person and the most reliable organ for personal identification when using the google lenses a users can access restricted or secured areas with the correct authorization. The lenses perform retinal analysis and optical signal is transmitted from the lenses to a scanner confirming identification similar to the a thumb print access port.

Power source

Due to the fragile and small design of the lenses charging the devices from an exterior power point as a phone or tabloid has the risk of damaging and breaking the contacts.The designers at google have equipped the lenses with inbuilt  photodectors that use ultra violet and ambient light to power and recharge the lenses. With further development these photodectors will have the ability to receive data allowing the device to interact with computers and smart phones.



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