Wearable Allergen Detectors

People all across the world suffer from food allergies and require medical assistance the allergic reactions cause regular emergency hospital visits with millions of adults and children administered with recent developments multiple wearable tech devices can detect potential allergens in food and air that are harmful to the users.

Allergy Amulet

Image result for allergy amulet

This quick response portable device can be worn as a fashionable necklace or bracelet that the user can customize inside the component are chemistry based strips,these strips are placed directly on top of food that has been ordered. If there is a allergen present it will detected by the amulet strips and produce a chemical reaction altering the user to be aware the food is potential harmful to consume.Currently the first products are only capable of detecting peanut protein in food as it is the most common and well known food allergy with continued development it will be able to detect gluten,shellfish and dairy .



An environmental wearable device has internal sensor that can detect air particles that can be harmful to the respiratory system the device can also monitor ultra violet light,temperature and humidity.The data collected by the TZOA is sent via Bluetooth to a smartphone app presenting information about the users environment the device counts individual air particles and results show possible threat to human health.


Google smart lenses

Biological allergens are a common occurrence in spring as plants release their pollen spores will cause allergic reactions for people who suffer form hay fever. These smart lenses have built in encapsulated electronics that do not require recharge and sensors that can detect bio,chemical and microbiological substances the information attained form the user’s surrounding environment is displayed on the len’s surface. Food allergies can also be detected one aim is to assist people with diabetes this done by measure the amount of glucose present in tear ducts of the user





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