Argus II Retinal System

Since 2008 ophthalmologist have been researching methods to restore vision to people suffering from hereditary eye conditions in particular the eye defect called Retinitis Pigmentos that causes a severe loss in vision. The implant currently has limited treatment availability to both patience and conditions, vision that has been damaged by an accident or physical damage or trauma to the eye cannot be repaired by the operation system. Glaucoma is a condition that causes pressure to build in the eyes resulting in loss of vision can not be treated as the system does not physically repair the user’s eyes.

The system works by sending electrical stimulation to the eyes to produce retinal functionality that restores visual perception. This is done through a miniature camera on the glass frames which captures images then sent by a cable to a small computer unit. The video unit then process the images and an electrical signal returns these images to the implant inside the users eye which contains an antenna. After this process is completed the implant then produces a small pulse of electricity that bypasses any damaged photoreceptors to the optic nerves transmitting the stored images to the brain.

According to the British journal of Ophthalmology voluntary patients have under gone medical trials to test the effectiveness of the system results have shown that the patients can identify large letters and short words. In 2011 the Argus II receive the CE marketing approval by the European union that complies with safety in the health sector and environment requirements.The system does not restore vision to its normal state therefore the images appear in the color grey it is only suitable for adults aged 25 and over the range of vision is limited to 16 inches and the amount of light present is key to how much can be seen







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