Levi’s Smart jacket


After the release of project jacquard that allows gesture control interactivity to be compatible with all industrial produced clothing textiles and looms Google controls and Levi’s denim clothing corporation have developed a smart jacket capable of controlling smartphones and other electric devises.

This conductive yarn is made from thin metallic alloys and synthetic materials this combination makes wearing the cloths light and flexible preventing discomfort. Although the metal is thin it can be woven into any textile fabric whilst maintaining its ability for the user to use the gesture control to operate electrical devices.

The jacket has a touch sensitive chargeable pad on the sleeve cuff which the wearer uses to operate any connected device and all services it provides examples are google maps, google play and social media apps. The user controls their smartphone with arm gestures that are programmed to activate certain applications these actions include swipe, tap or shake of the sleeve.The functionality of the jacket allows the user to answer or reject calls, check notifications and respond or write emails through internet access the user can locate areas of interests or be guided their own set destination.

Link to the conductive yarn is a Bluetooth synchronized tag that connects the jacket to the users smart phone or other electrical device the tag is removable and charged through a USB like a phone the clothing is machine washable and water resistant the tag does require to be removed before washing starts to avoid damage.





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