Thin Ice Vest

Developed by former athlete Adam Paulin the Thin Ice vest is designed to help the user burn fat and loose weight by burning calories without involving direct exercise. As the human body naturally stores white fat proteins to store energy and heat, in cold climates the bodies naturally reaction is to shiver this is when brown fat cells are produced and activated by the body to burn the white fat that produce heat.

The vest is equipped with thermo receptors that are placed on the back and chest area of the vest with the help of peltier cooling chips powered by  a lithium ion battery acting as heat dispensation units, these receptors are designed to imitate the conditions of a cold environment thereby stimulating the bodies natural response to produce brown fat.

The vest itself does not cause the entire body to shiver as the receptors only target specific regions of the body where fat builds and channels the flow of brown fat cells to that precise area this method of fat burning through the use of a vest has redefined the ability to loose weight at a quick pace. The vest comes with a companion app that can be sync through Bluetooth connection to an android, IOS or windows phone storing and providing information about how many calories are being burnt after each use and the temperature control of the vest and whether the users target goal has been accomplished.





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