Myo Armband

Founded in Ontario Canada, Thalmic labs have created a motion-guided wireless arm band that can be used to interact and operate multiple electrical devices, examples of theses electronics are laptops, smartphones and drones in addition any electrical device that has wireless connectivity are compatible with the wrist  band. This new device operating system could make voice and physical control obsolete in the near future as technology develops and currently as an alternative to the traditional methods of functionality.

With the increasing development of technology the method of using these electrical devices change and the interaction between electrical devices. The Myo armband uses Bluetooth 4.0 at low energy consumption this acts as a communicator that links the user with electrical devices through wireless connectivity. The technology basis is similar to that of bionic arm and hand prosthetic that also use muscle impulses to operate.

The Myo arm band is equipped with built in sensors on the device’s interior which are placed on the skin’s surface these sensors use electrocardiography to read and interpret the electrical impulses generated by the arm’s muscle movements when in motion.When a gesture is made the sensors amplify the electrical signals in the arm then translate the impulses into a digital command to the connected electrical device. An example is a laptop computer that has multiple programs the users can switch between internet tabs or select certain documents without the need to physically touch the keypad.

“As you wear the Myo over time, it begins to learn your unique electrical impulses and accuracy improves,” Stephen Lake Thalmic Labs C.E.O




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